Health Care / Medical Billing

As a member of the Appropriations Committee during the 2019 legislative session, Dr. Stucky helped craft a budget that increased funding for women’s health by 24.3% over the prior state budget. This includes improving access to screening, referral, treatment, and support for postpartum depression (HB 253), and creating a long-term funding stream for newborn screenings and pilot programs related to maternal health (SB 748). Additionally, SB 436 improves screening to better identify and care for women with opioid use disorder, as well as infants born addicted to opioids.

Other legislation passed in 2019 provides support and resources for young women who are pregnant or parenting, medical transportation to women and their children to allow more Texas mothers to attend healthcare appointments, and funding to the Department of State Health Services to include testing for X-ALD (adrenoleukodystrophy) in newborn screenings.

Also in 2019, SB 1096 improved medication access for kids with disabilities by prohibiting prior authorizations or any other barriers from being used to negatively impact a child's access to care and streamlines the prior authorization process when a child is hospitalized. Further, $48 million was allocated in the budget for rate increases and cost growth for Early Childhood Intervention, and greater protections were put in place for medically fragile children in Medicaid and their families.

Dr. Stucky also helped pass SB 1264 to protect consumers from surprise medical billing, also known as “balance billing.” This occurs when consumers are led to believe their medical treatment is covered by insurance when it isn't and are left to pay the balance. This bill creates a new system that removes consumers from balance billing disputes, leaving the settlement over reimbursement between the insurer and provider.