State Rep. Lynn Stucky issues response to calls for defunding police departments

June 9, 2020 4pm

AUSTIN -- State Representative Lynn Stucky issued the following statement today in response to rising calls for defunding of police departments across the country, including in House District 64:

“As a veterinarian, I look at this tragedy from a care perspective. I do not support defunding police departments; that would be akin to accepting the fate of a diagnosis and quitting without any treatments.

I fully support communities working with police departments, local leaders, and the many citizens to re-evaluate and restructure how departments operate and protocols for force. I also support communities taking action to drive out drug use, encourage more young people to pursue public service, and using tax dollars for programs that will take away some of the responsibilities heaped on peace officers.

Tearing down the system will only create more problems. We need to work together to make our justice system work for us.”